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Cumberland County resident Starr Book and her family were on vacation when the unexpected happened: she twisted her ankle and ended up in the emergency room. Complicating the surgery and healing process, Book was pregnant. She turned to UPMC to get back on her feet.

Dr. Torre Ruth, orthopedic surgeon at UPMC West Shore Orthopaedics, discusses what it means to be a trauma surgeon, what kinds of patients he sees, and what made Starr Book’s ankle injury unique.

Dr. Casey Kiser, orthopedic surgeon at UPMC West Shore Orthopaedics, answers viewer questions about scheduling appointments and addressing recent versus older injuries.

Personalized care is critical for patients facing acute or chronic orthopedic issues. Dauphin County resident Sherri Good says she’s glad she found the TLC she needed at UPMC.

Dr. Eric Kutz is an orthopedic surgeon with the Orthopaedic Specialists of Central PA UPMC. Kutz talks with us about when individuals experiencing pain should see an orthopedist, advancements in orthopedic surgical care, and how robots can help with surgeries.

UPMC West Shore Orthopaedics orthopedic surgeon Dr. Casey Kiser answers your questions about finding the right doctor, x-rays, rotator cuff injuries, and the types of surgeries done by shoulder surgeons.

Dr. Jennifer Cromer, neuropsychologist with the UPMC Concussion Program, and Dr. Micky Collins, neuropsychologist and clinical executive director of the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program, discuss concussions and how to treat them.

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