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After receiving her first mammogram at the age of 40 Sara thought she in the clear. But several months later she felt a lump in her breast which turned out to be cancer. The team at Wellspan Health helped Sara through her cancer journey.

Dr. Kogaokar, thoracic surgeon and chief medical officer of oncology service at Wellspan Health joins us to take your questions in a live webchat.

Dr. Kogaonkar joins us to discuss the new Wealthspan Health Center in York, and the symptoms, causes, and treatments of lung cancer.

Prostate cancer effects many men across the nation, but it is curable. Dr. Edward Steiner, Interventional radiologist and chief of imaging and radiation oncology at Wellspan York Hospital shares the signs, symptoms, and treatment options for someone diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Dr. Korgaonkar takes viewer questions on colon cancer treatment, and Wellspan Health’s stance on clinical trials.

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