A Carlisle woman discovered she had cancer by accident. Now she wants to share her journey to help others. Faleshia Ronan is thankful she ended up in the emergency room a trip that ultimately saved her life. Here’s her journey.

Dr. Sharon Fitzgerald, Gynecologic Oncologist at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and Faleshia’s oncologist joins us to share more about her work, the prevention and screening of gynecologic cancer, and of course treatment options.

Dr. Fitzgerald answers viewer questions on ways to reduce risk of gynecologic cancers, and what age to start screening.

A Harrisburg woman is driven to reach her mountain climbing goals but a health issue almost stood in her way. Julie McKelvey has climbed six of the tallest mountains in the world, even completing one summit while in pain. When she returned she sought treatment for a hernia so she can complete all seven summits. Here’s Julie’s story.

Pamela Kozick with UPMC joins us to share the difference between perimenopause and menopause, the symptoms of menopause, how it impacts your overall health, and ways to lessen the symptoms.

Pamela Kozick answers your questions on when to visit a doctor if you are going through menopause, how to lessen the impact of hot flashes, and menopausal hair loss.

Dr. Farda Qayyum, Vascular Surgeon at UPMC joins us to share the signs and symptoms of vascular disease in women, what an aortic aneurysm is, and if there are any medical implications behind varicose veins.