HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — The Cadbury brand revealed the top 10 finalists for their Cadbury Bunny Tryouts, featuring rescue pets across the country. Now it is time to vote for your favorite “bunny!”

This marks the fifth year that Cadbury has asked for submissions for the role of the “Cadbury Bunny” in their annual commercial. However, this year is a little different because the brand presented the opportunity specifically to rescue pets across the country.

According to Cadbury, thousands of entries were submitted, ranging from dogs and cats to beavers and horses.

Top 10 Finalists for the 5th Annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts, ‘Rescue Pets Edition’

Here is a look at the lineup of this year’s rescue pet stars:

  • Ande: Ande, aka Mr. Anderson, is a 5-year-old chinchilla from Illinois who was named after the Andes Mountains. He was adopted after his previous owners were looking to rehome him. He is full of personality and gives his current owner and those around him little tail wags and smiles, especially when he gets his favorite treats – dried rose petals.
  • Bodhi: Bodhi, aka Bobo, is a 3-year-old Lionhead bunny from Ohio who steals the hearts of everyone he meets. Bodhi was rescued from a rehabilitation center, after he was not fed for a year, and someone cut off his ear. Bodhi’s favorite activities include eating bananas, taking naps, and making new friends.
  • Bunny: Bunny, frequently known as BunBun, is a 10-year-old chihuahua from Illinois who was rescued from a hoarding situation. She may be little but has quite the personality, especially when she wears her sweaters and hoodies and plays with her human siblings.
  • Crash: Crash is an 8-year-old cat from Idaho who was rescued after a devastating car accident, where he was severely injured. As he began to heal, his quirky, friendly, and outgoing personality had everyone falling head over heels for him, eventually becoming his shelter’s resident cat. Crash enjoys treats and sitting in comfy, cozy places, like under computer chairs, to meet and greet people as they go by.
  • Cypress: Cypress is a 2-year-old North American beaver rescued by a licensed wildlife rehabber from a destroyed dam in Louisiana. Cypress is sassy and sweet which led to her nickname, Diva Beava. She loves playing around with her sister, taking an afternoon swim in the swim tank, and eating carrots.
  • Hunter: Hunter is a 3-year-old coonhound from Pennsylvania who was adopted by a loving family on Easter day in 2021. Prior to joining his loving family, he was returned by his previous owners to a shelter a few times. However, that didn’t hold him back — he is a fun, lovable dog that loves to be the center of attention, especially when he’s wearing bunny ears.
  • Ping: Ping Pong is a 1-year-old Pekin duck from South Dakota that was put in a cardboard box and left on the side of a busy street. Ping lives for cuddling with her dog siblings, purring, and laying an egg every morning. She feels her best when wearing bling necklaces.
  • RedBird: RedBird is a 3-year-old West Virginia-based guinea pig who was one of 36 guinea pigs in a hoarding case. She is blind but that doesn’t hold her back from gossiping with her guinea pig neighbors – she loves to chatter through her cage!
  • Stewie: Stewie, who sometimes goes by Stewie Vuitton, is a 5-year-old Massachusetts-based small horse with a big heart, always bringing his fun presence to everyone he meets. Stewie loves green apples and going on therapy visits with his fellow animal buddies.
  • Timmy: Timmy is a California-based 2-year-old Rambouillet sheep who was rescued as an orphan lamb with an infection that prevented him from walking. His determination and strength allowed him to persevere after multiple castings, splints, and wheels, helping him to now walk and run. Timmy’s favorite snack is animal crackers, and he loves to play with his roommate, Poppy the goat.

Voting will run from March 6 to March 14 and fans are encouraged to help their favorite rescue pet finalist take home the coveted Cadbury Bunny ears, as well as star in the 2023 Cadbury Clucking Bunny commercial.

The winner will also receive a cash prize of $5,000 for themselves and another $5,000 for the animal shelter of their choice.

You can click here to vote for your favorite contestant.

“Over the years, we’ve received tens of thousands of submissions for the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts and year five entries did not disappoint – they were unique and full of heartwarming stories about the rescue pets who fill their homes with joy,” said Cam Bogie, Sr. Associate Brand Manager, Cadbury brand team. “Now it’s time for America to vote for the pet they want to see as the 2023 Cadbury Bunny!”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has continued its partnership with Cadbury, who donated $20,000 to the ASPCA.

“We are proud to partner with Cadbury for the fifth year to bring attention to animals in need of loving homes nationwide,” said Matthew Carroll, Senior Manager, Strategic Cause Partnerships, ASPCA. “This year’s Bunny Tryouts closely align with our mission of helping vulnerable animals stay safe and healthy as the winner will be one of the many special rescue pets across the country.”

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