HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — In May of 2008, Hersheypark unveiled its 11th roller coaster at the time. This one was unique as it had a 97-degree beyond vertical drop and a vertical lift hill.

This coaster is Fahrenheit.

According to the ride’s manufacturer, Intamin, this ride is called a vertical lift coaster. This coaster is very unique as it has a lift hill angled at 90 degrees – something not seen on many roller coasters. The ride also features a beyond-vertical drop. This means the track of the drop bends inward. Back in 2008, Fahrenheit briefly held the record for the world’s steepest drop on a roller coaster.

The coaster is tied with Jolly Rancher Remix for having the most inversions at the park, with six.

The ride was announced back in 2007 and was to replace the park’s Western Chute Out water attraction. The water ride was becoming less popular, as a whole new waterpark was built next door. Demolition of the ride began in September 2007.

The ride cost around $12 million back in 2008 and has bright orange tracks and light blue supports. It opened on May 24, 2008.

Looking up the 121-foot lift hill

The ride begins with a right turn out of the station and in front of the ride’s signature 121-foot vertical lift hill. What is unique about the lift hill is that the train is pushed up the lift hill by two side-by-side chains. Both chains move independently of each other and can allow the train to be safely rolled back down in case of an evacuation.

After the lift hill, the coaster then drops down its signature 97-degree angled drop, delivering some airtime to the riders as they drop down the hill. The coaster hits its top speed of 58 miles per hour and enters the Norwegian Loop, which consists of two inversions: A dive loop and an Immelmann.

After, the ride enters a cobra roll, which also flips riders upside down twice and changes the direction of travel. After dropping out of the cobra roll, the ride quickly goes into two consecutive corkscrews. These inversions are taken at a fast speed, which delivers some great lateral g-forces for riders.

A Fahrenheit train traversing the Norwegian Loop element

The ride then goes into an overbank turn under the ride’s lift hill and goes into an airtime hill, giving riders a great pop of airtime. The coaster then goes into a low-to-the-ground turn before hitting the magnetic brakes, bringing the coaster to a gentle near stop.

According to Intamin, the ride can hold 800 guests per hour when using all three 12-person trains. As of 2023, the coaster is the only one of its kind in the world.

For me personally, I believe this coaster is one of the most underrated coasters at the park. Its quick and snappy layout offers great pacing and offers an intense ride that any parkgoer can enjoy.

Take a virtual ride on Fahrenheit by clicking here!