HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — One Central Pennsylvania international organization wants more girls to pick up coding. The number in tech has declined over the years, but it is bouncing back.

Girls as young as fourth grade are learning code and building websites at the Hershey Public Library.

International organization Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in tech.

“There is nothing more monolithic than your nerd boy tech companies. You miss things and make stupid mistakes because you’re not thinking about anything outside your worldview,” Coordinator for Girls Who Code Lin Taylor said.

These girls are taking up the challenge. They learn basic code and how to design algorithms and websites. About a dozen girls meet every week at the Hershey Public Library.

“I’ve seen girls who are timid and shy who start to blossom and bloom. There is a lot of public speaking and you get to make something that works,” Taylor said.

Mena Morsy joined the team six years ago. She shares the hardest part about the latest app she worked on for the Hershey Story Museum.

“Just debugging it probably, Morsy said. “(And) making a puzzle that makes Milton Hershey’s face.

Morsy said she wants to debunk the common myths about coding.,

“It was such a male-dominated industry. I thought it would be challenging, but once I started to learn and get used to it, it was very fun,” Morsy said.

The group has two clubs, one in Harrisburg and the other in Hershey, out of thousands worldwide. Both help girls discover new passions.