HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — The Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning and Hershey Gardens have announced they have named a rose after Milton Hershey’s wife, Catherine.

The Catherine Hershey Rose is one of 115 varieties which are located at the Hershey Gardens.

“This rose is a special and lasting legacy honoring Milton Hershey School co-founder, Catherine Hershey, whose name and passion for children also inspired Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning,” said MHS and CHS President Pete Gurt, whose wife, Jane, suggested naming a rose after Mrs. Hershey.   

Catherine Hershey Schools, as well as the Hershey Gardens, worked with two Canadian rose growers to choose the double-bloom shrub rose. The rose is long-blooming and pest resistant with a pale peach color and a spicy citrus scent.

“We are fortunate to have these growers combine their expertise to help us pay homage to Catherine Hershey, recognizing her important role in changing the lives of thousands of children,” said Jane Gurt, the wife of Cathrie Hershey School President Pete Gurt.

The rose will be planted at all CHS locations on the Milton Hershey School campus and is featured at the Hershey Gardens.

The American Rose Society honored Milton Hershey and his support of roses by naming a rose after him in 1940. The rose is also located in the Historic Hershey Rose Garden at Hershey Gardens.