HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) –Many people from around the world will be making their way to check out the sweetest place on earth. Hersheypark has one of the most well-known and unique coaster lineups in the country.

Packed into 121 acres are 70 attractions, which include 15 roller coasters. These coasters cater to anyone’s thrill level. From the tame twists of Trailblazer and Cocoa Cruiser to the adrenaline-pumping drops and speed of Skyrush and Candymonium, Hersheypark has one of the most diverse coaster line-ups in the world.

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abc27 has compiled information on all 15 coasters together in one convenient place so you can see what coaster you would like to try on your next visit!

1. Comet

Comet is the park’s oldest coaster, opening in May of 1946. It was the last to be purchased by Milton Hershey. The coaster is a fan favorite and is a great coaster for families, with its small bunny hills and mild speeds. You can read more about this coaster by clicking here.

Photo by JD Foltz

2. Trailblazer

The park’s second coaster opened 18 years after Comet in 1974. This coaster started the expansion of the park, and it was the first attraction to be fully themed at Hersheypark. A family favorite, it features a large helix and reaches speeds of 45 miles per hour.

3. sooperdooperLooper

The park took riders for a loop (literally) in 1977 with the first looping coaster on the east coast, the sooperdooperLooper. This ride has been the first looping coaster for many people, including mine! To read more about looper, click here.


4. Jolly Rancher Remix

This coaster debuted back in 1991 as Sidewinder and is called a Boomerang coaster model since it traverses the track twice, both forward and backward. The ride was re-imagined in 2022 to become Jolly Rancher Remix, which features a tunnel that has a different Jolly Rancher flavor during each ride cycle, as well as lights and music.

5. Great Bear

This coaster roared into the park in 1998, making it the only coaster in the park to put riders under the track. This coaster actually roars like a bear due to the vibrating wheels against the hollow track beams.

6. Wild Mouse

What’s wilder than a wild cat? A Wild Mouse! In 1999, the classic Wild Mouse made its debut. It is the only coaster that never comes to a complete stop at the park.

Courtesy of Hersheypark

7. Lightning Racer

This coaster was the first duel racing coaster in the United States when it opened in 2000. riders can pick either the thunder or lightning side and race against the other team to victory!

Courtesy of Hersheypark

8. Storm Runner

Opening in 2004, this coaster was the second hydraulically launched coaster and the first in the world to feature inversions. The ride kicks off by launching rides to 72 miles per hour in 2 seconds, which means it exerts more than 8,000 vertical horsepower!

Courtesy of Hersheypark

9. Fahrenheit

This coaster takes you up its lift hill vertically before you plummet down a beyond-vertical drop and fly through six inversions! Fahrenheit opened in 2008.

Courtesy of Hersheypark

10. Skyrush

Arguably the most intense coaster at the park, Skyrush opened in 2012 and takes you up its lift hill at 20 miles per hour. The coaster’s supports were drilled up to 120 feet into the ground, which is the same height as the tallest hill on Fahrenheit. To read more about this incredible ride, click here.

Courtesy of Hersheypark

11. Cocoa Cruiser

This fun, kid-size coaster is great for the little ones who aren’t tall enough yet to ride some of the major coasters at Hersheypark. Cocoa Cruiser opened in 2014.

12. Laff Trakk

Opening in 2015, this one-of-a-kind coaster is totally indoors. Featuring glow effects, Laff Trakk is themed after the traditional American funhouse of the early 20th century.

Courtesy of Hersheypark

13. Breakers Edge Water Coaster

This one-of-a-kind hydromagnetic water coaster uses high-powered magnets to send riders up and down the layout as well as through twists and turns. It is a great way to cool off in the summer heat.

Courtesy of Hersheypark

14. Candymonium

The tallest, fastest, longest, and, sweetest coaster at the park opened in 2020. As the marquee attraction for the new Chcolatetown section of the park, you will soar over 4,636 feet of track at a speed of 76 miles per hour on milk chocolate-colored track.

Courtesy of Hersheypark

15. Wildcat’s Revenge

Opening June 2, 2023, Hersheypark opened the first Rocky Mountain Construction Hybrid roller coaster in the state of Pennsylvania. Wildcat’s Revenge is a complete overhaul of the original Wildcat, which opened in 1996 and closed in July 2022. A hybrid coaster is defined as using a combination of a wooden support structure and a steel track. The ride features a 140-foot lift hill and four inversions.

Courtesy of Hersheypark