HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — Hersheypark released a wild video on Saturday regarding their new roller coaster.

On Saturday, the park released a computer-animated video of what Wildcat’s Revenge will look like to riders when it opens in the Summer of 2023.

The ride is built using some of the old existing structures of the former Wildcat wooden coaster, which operated at the park from 1996 to 2022. The combination of the wooden structure and the red, steel track makes this coaster a hybrid roller coaster.

The ride, according to the park, is to feature four inversions: an underflip, an inverted stall, a zero gravity roll, and a reversing downhill roll. The ride will also feature a 140-foot drop at an 82-degree angle, and reach speeds of up to 62 miles per hour. Guests will travel along 3, 510 feet of track in about two minutes and 36 seconds.

The ride reached a milestone recently when its signature element, the World’s Largest Underflip, was completed. The Underflip is a unique inversion created by coaster designer and manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction. This inversion begins with an upward climb, followed by a counterclockwise 270° roll and a dive down towards the side.

The coaster will debut this summer, 100 years after the first Wild Cat ride debuted at the park.