HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — Sometimes, going to any amusement park can be intimidating. From which rides to experience first, so if you want to take in a show or two, or even where to eat for lunch and dinner.

But before you think of any of that, you need a way to get into the park.

Hersheypark, like all amusement parks, has many options for tickets and options to purchase them. abc27 has put together a list of what tickets the sweetest place on earth offers and how to purchase them.

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Each ticket listed below will give you admission to Hersheypark, The Boardwalk at Hersheypark, and ZooAmerica. All tickets that are purchased for the 2023 seasons are valid any day the park opens to the public, as well as for the Halloween and Christmas events.

Note: All ticket prices below are accurate as of the publish date of this story. Prices may vary throughout the year. All ticket prices mentioned are online-only rates. Prices are higher if guests purchase tickets at the gate.

One Day and Two Day Tickets

As of Feb. 9, 2023, the price of a one-day ticket to Hersheypark is 49.99, which is a deal of 40% off the regular ticket price. The price of a two-day ticket is $84, which makes that ticket worth $42 a day. Tickets are valid through Jan. 1, 2024.

Children who are two or younger get into the park for free.

Group Tickets

Hersheypark also offers special prices for groups that include 20 or more guests.

For early season group tickets, which are valid through June. 30, the price would be $34.95 per ticket if you purchase the tickets by march 31. If you order by May 19, the price goes up to $36.95 per ticket

For the summer season, group tickets which are valid through Sept. 10, the price would be $40.95 per ticket if you purchase the tickets by March 31. If you order by May 19, the price goes up to $42.95 per ticket

Lastly, for all-year group tickets, which are valid until Jan. 1, 2024, the price would be $42.95 if the tickets are ordered by March, 31. If you purchase them by May 19, the price jumps to $44.95.

The park offers one free ticket for every 10 tickets purchased, however, a minimum purchase of 20 or more tickets is required to receive complimentary rickets.

Season Passes

If you are local to the Midstate, or just plan on going to Hersheypark many times throughout the year, your best bet is to get a season pass. Hersheypark redid its season pass system by creating a tiered system within the past few years. There are three different kinds of season passes, with all different price points and perks

Bite Size Season Pass

The Bite Size Season Pass is a pass for one who just wants some of the season pass perks. it is the cheapest option but has the least amount of perks. This includes unlimited visits to Hersheypark as well as 50% off of general parking. The price for this pass for the 2023 season is 29.50 per month on a four-month payment plan, or a one-time payment of $158, as of Feb. 9.

Full Size Season Pass

The Full Size Season Pass is what the season pass for Hersheypark was like prior to the park redoing its pass program. Features of this pass include free parking in an exclusive season pass parking lot. 15% off of food, drink (excluding alcohol), and retail, special events throughout the year exclusive to Full-size pass holders, one-hour early entry to select areas of the park, and more. The price for this pass for the 2023 season is 45.50 per month on a four-month payment plan, or a one-time payment of $180, as of Feb. 9.

King Size Season Pass

If you are a die-hard Hersheypark fan, or just want the most bang for your buck, this is the pass for you. The King Size pass includes everything that the Full Size Pass does, but it includes a free all-year drink plan and two free Hersheypark tickets. You also get a free gift bag, a bigger discount on Hersheypark tickets, and more. The price of a King Size season pass is $57.70 per month on a four-month payment plan, or a one-time payment of $230, as of Feb. 9.


Now, you have your tickets figured out. But what if you want to add a one-day food plan to a ticket? Or if you want to add the food plan to a season pass? Hersheypark has you covered.

The park has an option for an all-day food or drink plan. The all-day drink plan is $19.99 and the all-day dining deal is $35.99.

The all-day drink plan allows you to get unlimited drinks throughout the day, and one-dollar refills on future visits. The all-day dining plan allows you to enjoy one side and one entree at participating locations during your day.

You can also add a Family Photo Pass, which allows guests to have access to a digital photo album to download all on-ride and photographer photos. The price for this add-on is $40.

Season Pass holders can also add drink and food plans to their passes. The price for an all-season drink plan is $37 for 2023 and the price for an all-season food plan is $114 for 2023.

Note that the all-season drink plan is automatically included if you purchase a King Size Season Pass.

Considering how expensive food can be at amusement parks, these options are a very good deal for those who plan on visiting the park many times throughout the year.

A full list of add-ons, such as Fast Track, parking passes, and photo passes can be found by clicking here.

Okay, You have your tickets sorted, and add-ons picked out. Now, where can you buy them? You can buy them at the gate when you enter the park, but the easiest way to get to the sweet fun faster is by clicking here to purchase them online.

Note: These prices were checked at 12 p.m. on Feb. 9, 2023. Prices may fluctuate throughout the year.