HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — In celebration of being open for 50 years, Hershey’s Chocolate World is teasing a new attraction that will be replacing the 4D Chocolate Show that closed in 2022.

Chocolate World calls the new attraction “a fantastical journey to epic candy worlds.” A series of clues are expected to be released regarding what the theme is for the new attraction, which is slated to open in the summer of this year.

The first clue shows a railway, with a round trip ticket being shown, and how guests should “grab their ticket for a candy quest through Hershey-inspired lands.”

The second clue features the inside of a train car with the words “punch your ticket” on the window. It also mentions that guests will be able to influence the fun and that it is an interactive experience like no other.

This attraction is to replace the 4D Chocolate Movie which closed on Labor Day weekend in 2022. The attraction, which opened a decade ago, the 4D Chocolate Movie entertained guests with over 100 story variations, so guests never saw the same show twice.

Chocolate World has stated they will be releasing clues regarding the attraction every other week. Guests should stay tuned to the site for more information about the attraction in the upcoming weeks.

Other events occurring to celebrate Chocolate World’s 50th anniversary include a Chocolate World Themed sculpture made of chocolate, as well as a birthday party and rededication of the complex on June 30.