HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — With excitement building over the opening of Wildcat’s Revenge on June 2, everyone is talking about how the coaster collection at Hersheypark is one of the best in the country.

But, did you know that there was one coaster that was planned to be constructed but never made it off the drawing board?

According to the Amusement Parkives, the ride was to be called Turbulence and was to open for the 2005 season. It was supposed to be constructed in the front of the park in a section called Founders Circle, where the famous Giant Wheel was located. The Giant Wheel closed and was scrapped after the 2004 season.

The roller coaster was to be manufactured by Interactive Rides. The coaster model was called a frequent faller.

Amusement Parkives states that the coaster would have been 150 feet tall and be colored red, white, and blue, to match the new Founders Circle. The footprint of the coaster was small, as the coaster was a unique track design.

The coaster would have been taken up vertically to the 150-foot mark, and then would zig-zag down the layout falling through drops down its 750 feet of track.

Due to a legal dispute, the coster was never built and the project was ultimately scrapped.

What sits on the plot of land now are two flat rides: Baloon Flite and Starship America, which has been in the spot since 2005.