HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — The wildcat is getting closer and closer to getting its vengeance, as the three custom-designed trains have been unveiled at Hersheypark.

On Monday, April 24, the park announced that the three trains have been put on the tracks of the new Rocky Mountain Construction coaster, which is slated to open in the Summer of 2023.

Wildcat’s Revenge will feature three customed designed trains, which is a first for Hersheypark. Each train features fully dimensional black, charcoal, and silver wildcats on the front. The wood on the front of the trains was designed to resemble the wood texture and color of the original Wildcat roller coaster, which closed in 2022.

The park has said that all three trains have been craned onto the track of the coaster. Two trains are currently in the newly built maintenance bay and one of them is currently in the station of the coaster.

The coaster itself is a steel-wooden hybrid, meaning it uses a steel track with a wooden support structure. The lift hill support structure will hold the track and chain that will carry the train up to the 140-foot pinnacle before dropping down at an 82-degree angle reaching top speeds of 62 miles per hour.