(WHTM) – It hasn’t roamed wild in Pennsylvania in a century but that could soon change.

We’re talking about the “American Marten.”

Mitzi is the only American marten in all of Pennsylvania and she lives at Zooamerica in Hershey.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has a plan to reintroduce American martens to Pennsylvania’s wilderness in the north-central part of the state.

Dale Snyder, assistant director for Zooamerica said, “We want to do some local conservation efforts to aid native wildlife. and to be able to be a part of reintroducing a species that was once a part of our state, that’s just foremost as part of our mission and goals.”

Martens would follow other animals like otters which have been reintroduced in the past. The game commission is for public input about the idea before making a decision.