YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — abc27 will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, which began today, September 15.

A York County company is celebrating as well by helping women and minorities obtain the resources they need to get their businesses off the ground.

When it comes to starting a business, it isn’t easy. There are many moving pieces and things we don’t even think about when it comes to running your own business. Bloom Business is focusing on helping out small businesses in York County, but more specifically women and minority-owned businesses.

“The Bloom Business Empowerment Center was newly launched this year to provide resources for small businesses and individuals in York County with a strategic focus to reach women and minority-owned entrepreneurs and individuals and connect them with resources to employment, small businesses, and much more across the county,” said Sully Pinos, executive director of the Bloom Business Empowerment Center.

Bloom has already provided business start up classes, however this is the first time they’ll have classes in Spanish and in-person.

“As you see, a lot of people are dreaming to become a business owner, but it’s totally different having the class in my language in Spanish and in person because you have the opportunity to not only ask questions and talk to the person but to meet some of the people face to face,” said Dolores Minaya, owner of D&D Family Enterprise.

The classes are going to be held at the Crispus Attucks York County Center. They will run over the course of five weeks and will help attendees to connect with direct business experts.

You don’t have to live in York County to attend these classes and they are free. Bloom has seen an interest in people who are more comfortable speaking and learning in Spanish.

“These classes help to link business entrepreneurs with tools and people that will help them. “Professional services, accountants. To learn about the importance of organizing your financials and being able to structure a profit and loss, knowing how much funds you’re going to need to start your business,” said Pinos.

“90% of the attendees do not have a business but would like to have a business or had a business in their native country and looking to York for that being their next destination for their small business,” said Pinos.

“Everybody has a dream to work better and do something that really is going to improve not just yourself but people in the community by opening a business, you’re creating job opportunities,” said Minaya.