PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — Writing a Christmas list to Santa is arguably one of the most important preparations for the holiday season. The United State Postal Service (USPS) provided some instructions on how you can make sure your letter reaches Santa this year.

First, you’ll want to make sure you have a piece of paper, a pencil or a pen, an envelope, and a First-Class Mail postage stamp.

Start off your letter addressing Santa, so he knows the letter is for him. “Dear Santa….”

Santa is all-knowing, so you’ll want to be honest with him. Tell him what kind of year you’ve had. Were you naughty or nice?

Then you can get to the most important part, listing what items you want. I personally like to put the gift I want the most at the top of the list, but you can organize your list however you’d like.

Then you can begin writing your list! Be sure to be specific with what you want. If you’re asking Santa for clothes, you’ll want to include what size you’d like, color, style, etc. If you want any toys, games, and books, be sure to include the names and titles.

After your list is completed, you’ll need to include your return address. Your return address includes your full name, your street address, apartment number (if you have one), city, state, and ZIP code. Including this is important in case Santa needs to return your letter.

To put the finishing touch on your letter, you’ll need to sign your name. You can sign your name in print, cursive, bubble letters, etc. Just make sure Santa can read it.

Fold up your letter and put it inside the envelope. You’ll need to make sure you include your return address in the upper left corner of your envelope.

To make sure your letter survives its voyage to the North Pole, you’ll need to make sure the envelope is sealed tightly.

Put the postage stamp in the upper right corner of the envelope. (This is very important! This will ensure the letter makes it to Santa.)

Finally, you’ll need to write Santa’s address. The United States Postal Service has connections with Santa and has shared his address with abc27.


And that’s it! Then you’ll send out your letter like you would any other letter!

Santa is a busy man, so you might not hear back. If you are interested in helping Santa read the letters he can’t get to, you can click here.

You’ll want to mail your letter out no later than December 12, 2022.