(WHTM) — “Many of your viewers may be familiar with Hanukkah as this amazing miracle of light, and indeed that’s the part of the holiday we often call attention to,” said Rabbi Ron Muroff from the Chisuk Emuna Congregation in Harrisburg.

Hanukkah is eight days that “celebrates the victory of a small group of Jews who were being oppressed by Syrian-Greeks in ancient times,” Muroff explained. “That military victory is one miracle because the few prevailed over the many.”

Muroff said the meaning of the holiday boils down to these ancient times with one major dominant miracle with which most people are probably familiar:

“One small bit of oil being discovered which they understood to be only enough to light for one night, and a miracle happened, and it stayed lit for eight nights.”

Muroff said Judaism cannot be summarized in a few brief sentences, which is why it’s important for people to educate themselves.

“I think that message of the holiday is much deeper than we usually associate with it,” Muroff said.

Muroff said the holiday is about people having the confidence and trust to be themselves. “And yet, this year, many Jews are experiencing great fear in outing themselves as Jews and placing lights in their windows,” Muroff said.

2022 has seen a slew of anti-semitic comments made by celebrities with large platforms. Muroff says they have to realize that their words have meaning not only toward the Jewish religion but also to others.

“We talk a lot in this country about religious freedom, and this holiday thousands of years ago demonstrated what happens when people bond together and pray and are blessed to proclaim their faith and to do so publicly,” Muroff said.