(WHTM) — Pie is a common Thanksgiving dessert and a favorite for many Americans around the holidays. But what kind of pie is the most sought after in Pennsylvania?

Google Trends data collected since November 2022 shows that the pies most searched for in the U.S. are pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie and cranberry pie.

According to Google search data from October 20 to November 16, pumpkin pie outpaces the rest of these search terms in most states, including Pennsylvania.

Of all Pennsylvania searches for five pies over the past 30 days, 48% were for pumpkin pie, 38% were for apple pie, 8% were for pecan pie, 5% were for sweet potato pie and 1% were for cranberry pie.

After pumpkin pie, apple pie was the second most popular search in both Pennsylvania and many other parts of the country. Apple pie claimed the top pie search spot in 13 states, during the time frame.

Recipes for both pumpkin and apple pie are easy to find online. If you don’t want to bake one yourself, there are also plenty of spots to buy your holiday pie in the Midstate.