HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Last year, Christmas in the Midstate was about 50 degrees with no snow in sight. But this year with winter weather heading our way, could Central Pennsylvanians get a straight-out-of-a-movie white Christmas?

abc27 Meteorologist Dan Tomaso said the guarantee for Christmas this year is cold, with highs only around the 20s.

The Midstate saw snow showers on Thursday morning and could see more again on Friday, followed by a dramatic drop in temperatures and strong winds, abc27 Meteorologist Brett Thackara said.

As for Christmas day, Tomaso said, “It will be cold enough for snow to remain on the ground for Christmas, but I think this will be tough across the Midstate other than the higher elevations north and west of Harrisburg.”

This Christmas will likely be one of the Midstate’s coldest in decades, Thackara reported. But as far as snow goes, it’s not looking like any flurries are likely to fall on the holiday itself.

A white Christmas is defined by the National Weather Service as 1 inch or more of snow cover. The Midstate has only had five white Christmases in the last approximately three decades, abc27 Chief Meteorologist Eric Finkenbinder explained.

The Midstate’s last white Christmas was in 2012, although Tomaso noted the area did get some passing snow showers more recently on Christmas Day in 2020 (but not enough to officially count as a white Christmas by National Weather Service standards).

This year included the sixth warmest meteorological summer on record, Tomaso said, while this spring was the 21st warmest on record and this fall was the 27th warmest.

In their 2022-2023 winter weather outlook, the abc27 meteorologists said January will likely get colder. They say precipitation this winter will lean towards mixed precipitation with a lower chance overall for big snow storms and total snowfall likely coming in around average for the season.