(WHTM) — Six Flags has announced that the world’s tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster in the world will be built at one of their parks located overseas.

The coaster, called Falcon’s Flight, is expected to reach a height of 640 feet and reach top speeds of 156 miles per hour. The roller coaster will be built at Six Flags Qiddya, which is located in Saudi Arabia.

According to the coaster’s manufacturer Intamin, the coaster has been called an Exa Coaster. This follows in the footsteps of other coaster classifications, such as the Giga and Strata coasters, which are any coasters at or over 300 and 400 feet respectively. Intamin states that any coaster over 600 feet is considered an Exa Coaster. This beats the record of the current tallest roller coaster which is Kingda Ka which coaster stands at 456 feet.

The ride will be over 13,000 feet long which is nearly a mile longer than the current longest coaster in the world which is Steel Dragon 2000 located in Japan. That coaster is over 8,000 feet in length.

Falcon’s Flight will have a 640-foot difference between its highest and lowest point. The height and speed records will be achieved by a dive off a large cliff.

Each row of the 14-passenger train will have its own windshield to protect riders from the elements. The ride will be propelled by Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM), which are magnets that can allow the trains can move at high speeds.

The trains of the coaster feature extra large running wheels and custom-designed rims. This is so the wheels don’t overheat with the intense speed and heat from the ride. The front of the trains features a falcon’s head and features rows that are two across.

Click here to see a computer rendering of the coaster.