SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Jeannie Nally lives at the corner of Laurie Drive and Michael Court in the Shippensburg Village 55+ Community in South Hampton Township, Cumberland County.

The house has been there since 2015. When she and her husband moved in a year ago, they noticed there was something different about the addresses on the street. Their address is 46 Laurie Drive, but their neighbor’s address is 1 Laurie Drive.

“It didn’t really make sense to us when we moved in here, but we dealt with it and we’ve got everybody on board on where to deliver and how to find us,” said Nally.

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She says now, 7 years after the house was put on the lot, South Hampton Township wants to change the address to 46 Michael Court.

“What I was told, when I found out, is that 911 will have trouble finding my house,” said Nally.

Can the township change her address?

The abc27 Investigators checked with the United State Postal Service. It said USPS does not have the authority to assign street names and numbers and it is up to the local municipality.

“When a city decides to rename or renumber streets, they notify the U.S. Postal Service. We then update our address database to reflect the changes,” said Mark Lawrence, Strategic Communications Specialist, United States Postal Service.

The abc27 Investigators also learned when plans are drawn for a neighborhood corner lots are given 2 addresses, one for each road. When the house goes in, an address is assigned based on which way the house is facing and where the driveway is located.

“Whoever the zoning officer was at the time, I assume, changed it to Laurie Drive, but left the number 46,” said Nally.

Will changing her address to 46 Michael Court be better for 911?

“Following their logic, if 911 is called to my address as 46 Michael, they are going to drive down Michael Court, they are not going to know to turn {on Laurie Drive}. I don’t have a driveway on Michael Court. They will probably go to one of the houses behind me. I just want my address to be Laurie Drive, because that is where I am facing,” said Nally.

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According to Supervisor Scott Mack, South Hampton Township is trying to work with Nally to reach the best solution. Mack also stated since this was an oversight the township made years ago it would consider covering any costs to correct the issue.