HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Heather Oglesby, Harrisburg, says scammers pulled out all the stops trying to get her to pay thousands of dollars.

“I knew that it was a scam, but it still scared me a lot,” said Oglesby.

She says it all started with a text that said “Hey”. She didn’t respond because she didn’t recognize the Florida number.

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“Right after that, there was a phone call from the same number and I thought because of the fact they just texted me maybe I do know this person,” said Oglesby. “I answered the call…I didn’t really understand what he was saying and I just said he had the wrong number and I hung up the phone.”

She says the man tried to call back several times but she didn’t pick up and that is when she started getting text messages from the same number.

“First it was like my personal information, every address that I have ever had, my maiden name and then there was information about my children, my parents, my sister, my brother, mother in law. Everyone was listed in this text,” said Oglesby.

She says they also sent pictures of her family, followed by a text demanding money.

“The demand was for 3,500 dollars because I wronged somebody in his business,” said Oglesby.

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The texts also included a video with a man’s voice saying: “You got fees to pay. We know exactly where you stay. Do not play with us. We going to have to look for you and your family and kill all of you.”

Oglesby said she didn’t respond the texts got more threatening and graphic.

“Then there’s pictures of men with guns and men with masks. Then the last one, which was probably the most horrific one, is the decapitated heads,” said Oglesby.

She contacted police to see what she should do.

“They called me back and said unfortunately there is really nothing {they} can do, its probably a spoofed number and they told me to just block the number,” said Oglesby.

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She blocked the number and hasn’t been contacted since. She says the pictures they used were from social media and the personal information they sent can be found through a search on the web. Since she did not give the scammers any money police can not investigate. She did contact the Attorney General’s office.