Duncannon, Pa. (WHTM)- Suzanne Martinez moved to Perry County about 2 years ago, and she says there has been one ongoing problem.

“We’ve been having issues with our water,” said Martinez. “I would say we have received 5 or 6 notices. It’s either a boil water advisory or we are getting these notices about arsenic. Last week we got 2 notices in one week.”

The notices say routine testing revealed Duncannon Municipal Water “has levels of arsenic that were above drinking water standards”.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency the standard or maximum level for arsenic is 0.010mg/L. The level in the Duncannon Municipal drinking water was 0.011mg/l, just over the acceptable limit.

“I have grandchildren and I drink a lot of water, plus all of my neighbors. We are just concerned about it,” said Martinez.

The abc27 Investigators contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). It says Duncannon Municipal Water has 5 wells that feed into its system and one of those wells has been exceeding the arsenic levels by one part per billion. DEP says the borough submitted an application in May
to install a treatment on on that well, which the agency is currently reviewing.

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According to DEP’s website arsenic occurs naturally in the environment. Other sources of arsenic include storm runoff, pesticides, treated lumber, and mining waste.

Long term exposure to dangerous levels of arsenic in drinking water is associated with an increased risk of cancer. It is also linked to stomach pain, nausea and numbness in hands and feet.

DEP says Duncannon Municipal Water is doing what it’s supposed to do by sending out notices and if the arsenic level was dangerously high, customers would know right away.

“We should be able to drink our water and feel safe about it,” said Martinez.

According to DEP, boiling water won’t remove arsenic, in fact, it that can actually increase the concentration of arsenic.