HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Harrisburg Bureau of Police is investigating a rash of porch thefts. Very often, these thieves target packages. But this time, they seem to want furniture — and it was all caught on camera.

The first thief pictured above stacks up chairs on a porch and takes off. Those chairs belonged to Ronald Chambers.

“You take what little money you have and someone is actually snatching it right out of your pocket,” Chambers said.

The thief hit several homes on North 20th Street in Harrisburg.

“It started Wednesday. They got my neighbors chair off of her porch and then they came back at the same time and snapped our four chairs off of our porch. Then they came back the following day and snatched my other neighbor’s furniture off of her porch,” Chambers explained.

Even though his face can’t be seen, he is wearing the same pants and red sneakers. He also runs the same direction, police believe, to hop in a waiting car.

“Yes. up on Whitehall Street,” Chambers recalled. He said the only way a car was caught on camera would be if the house around the corner has one.

Harrisburg Police are investigating and have the video. Chambers simply wants to warn others.

“So people can be aware somebody is in the neighborhood snatching your stuff,” Chambers said.

All of the porch furniture was metal. Chambers and investigators believe the thief might be selling the pieces or taking them to the scrap yard to get money.

Anyone with information about the porch thieves are asked to call Harrisburg Bureau of Police.