Update: Harrisburg Police have identified the man as Shamont Sapp and they say charges are pending. Learn more here.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The doorbell camera at Mark Shelleman’s home on Fulton Street in Harrisburg captured the thief in action.

“He walked up the steps, pressed the doorbell, and turned around to make sure no one was around and then left,” Shelleman said.

The thief, dressed in a multi-colored jacket and no mask, looks right into the doorbell camera. He comes back to the door a second time.

“That time he didn’t ring the doorbell, he just went straight for it,” Shelleman said.

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The man stole packages from the porch and left. Shelleman called police and also shared the video on social media.

“A lady contacted me and said this looks like the same guy who stole packages from her. She also gave me the number of a police officer that is working with some other guy who he stole from. So he is going around the neighborhood doing this,” Shelleman said.

The items stolen from Shelleman’s porch were worth about $50. He thinks the thief may be disappointed when he opens the packages.

“It’s a pair of boxer briefs and a pair of socks with a pocket in them,” he said.

Still, Shelleman hopes Harrisburg Police can identify the thief.

“I just want resolution and really for him to stop doing this. Get the help you need, whether it is financial help or mental help, get the help you need. There are people that are willing to help, ” Shelleman said.

Harrisburg Police offered these tips:

  • if you can’t be home for a delivery see if a neighbor or someone else can pick up your package for you
  • have your package delivered to the store for pick up or a local shipping center
  • get creative, ask your delivery person to hide the package in a box or somewhere out of sight