Harrisburg, Pa. (WHTM)- Central Dauphin High School principal Kenneth Miller has been placed on administrative leave.

A video of Miller was posted on TikTok over the weekend and quickly spread across several social media platforms.  It is not clear when the video was taken.

In the video Miller is sitting in the driver seat of a car with his head down.  Someone off camera says “Hey, yo my man. Yo.”

Miller, looks up and says, “Yeah”.

The person off camera says,  “Get in the passenger seat. You are going to get a DUI bro. Turn your car off or ya getting a DUI bro”.

Miller says, “alright” and the video ends.

On Monday, Central Dauphin School District sent a message to parents saying it was aware of the situation, it was under investigation, and no comments would be made at this time.

Court records show Miller was charged with a DUI in February 2021. His attorney, Brian Perry, says the video is not related to that charge.

“That TikTok video did not happen on the night of his DUI arrest. It was more recent,” said Perry. “Mr. Miller is embarrassed by his bad decisions, and he is taking steps to make sure that something like this never happens again.”

The abc27 Investigators reached out to Central Dauphin School District, it would not comment further.