A look at the numbers: PA state prison inmates granted reprieves due to COVID-19


Harrisburg, Pa. (WHTM) – Dozens of inmates in the state prison system have been released since the start of COVID-19 to help mitigate the spread of the virus.  

This is after Governor Tom Wolf established The Temporary Program to Reprieve Sentences of Incarceration back at the beginning of April.

A reprieve is a temporary release from prison. Under this time, the people who are released remain under supervision by the Department of Corrections.

When the program expires, they have to return to prison. This happens when Governor Wolf’s Disaster Declaration is over, or when he decides COVID-19 has been mitigated.

Since establishing the program, Governor Wolf has granted 159 reprieves to inmates across the state. To put this into perspective, on average, the Department of Corrections releases 20,000 inmates each year.

You can the see the number of reprieves in the chart below:

You can click here to see where each prison is located.

Camp Hill is the only state prison in the midstate and it also serves as the intake center for all men coming into the system. As you can see in the graph below, 10 men received reprieves in the month of April.

The number went down in May and as of June, nobody at the facility has been granted a reprieve.

FACTS ABOUT THE TEMPORARY REPRIEVE PROGRAM: The program only applies to state prison inmates who are non-violent and would also be eligible for release within 9 months after issuing the order.  

It also applies to those considered to be high risk for complications due to coronavirus, are non-violent, and are within one year of release.  

We are working to learn more about The Temporary Program to Reprieve Sentences of Incarceration. As soon as we get more numbers in, the story will be updated.

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