Beware of threatening tax letter


Daryl Hewitt, Millersburg, was concerned when he got an official looking letter in the mail from the Bureau of Tax Enforcement Dauphin County with the words “immediate action required” on the outside.

“I think my heart skipped a beat when I opened this,” said Hewitt “It said I owed a large amount of money and that it is a distraint warrant and has to be paid in full by a certain date.”

The letter appeared official with bar codes and strong language stating “The Internal Revenue Service uses the warrant in collection action, such as garnishment of wages and bank accounts, property seizures…to avoid enforcement call.” Daryll called the number provided in the letter.

“The person who answered said he was a tax attorney and that he could help me to reduce my debt and I am thinking now I know this isn’t right,” said Hewitt.

Hewitt was told they could reduce the amount he owed the IRS and put a stop to collections.

“Then I asked how much would your fee be for this, and he said $2,500,” said Hewitt.

There is one big red flag. The letter claims to be from the Bureau of Tax Enforcement for Dauphin County, which does not exist.

When Abc27 called the number the man who answered the phone identified himself as a tax attorney with American Tax Solutions.
He said they are not a government agency. When he was asked why they did not make that clear in the letter he said ” It’s a play on words but its legal”.

“I am just wondering how many people out there have actually done it and been duped by this thing,” said Hewitt.

Hewitt filed a complaint with the Pa Attorney General’s office which is encouraging  other who get the letter to do the same. 

You can also file a complaint with the IRS and the Treasury Inspector General For Tax Administration.

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