Commissioners respond to York County 911 shortage


York County 911 remains understaffed and there are reports that eight dispatchers have turned in their notices, adding to the staffing problem.

Dispatchers are being forced to work mandatory overtime to help fill empty seats. Several sources tell ABC27 News the mandatory overtime has led to dispatchers falling asleep on the job and making errors.

“I was not made aware of any complaints of that nature,” county Commissioner Chris Reilly said. “We actually got some good news recently that we had an overwhelming amount of resumes submitted as a result of the stories that were in the media.”

York County Commissioners say training sessions for new hires are going well.

“We have seven people that are going to the [911 center] floor today from their training session, and we have a large amount of people that are coming in May and June for training,” Commissioner Susan Byrnes said.

The ABC27 Investigators have learned complaints have been filed with York County, alleging management at the 911 center is mistreating employees. 

“There are four sides to every story and we are hearing the exact opposite,” Reilly said. “We have an excellent manager. We are in discussions with the employees at the commissioner level and the supervisors and we are trying to mediate a dialogue with more cooperation, a little more give and take. There are issues with supervisors. There are issues with rank and file. That happens everywhere in the county.”

“There are challenges. Keep in mind these challenges have been going on for over 20 years. We are working together to address those challenges,” Byrnes said.

Reilly says supervisors and directors are helping to fill the empty seats at the 911 center and there is no safety concern for the public.

“The public should feel confident that folks that are out there are doing the job,” he said. “The board of commissioners is on top of this. We are each personally involved in the discussions and activities taking place there and we intend to see it through.”

The 911 union contract expired at the end of 2017. There is no word on when contract negotiations will end.

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