Consumer warning about home security systems


A Dauphin County man says his ADT Security system was not being monitored for months despite him paying for the service.

Todd Harkins bought the security system in November 2016 and has been paying $49 a month to have it monitored by local police and fire departments.

“We just want to go to bed at night and feel secure,” said Harkins.

However, he says the system started to malfunction in 2017.

“We set the alarm off by accident and we thought that they would call, but nobody was calling,” said Harkins.

He believed the system was disconnected and contacted ADT to figure out what was wrong.

“I was told that the unit that they put in two years prior was really nothing but problems. It was proven to be problematic. They replaced the entire system and apparently, it seems to be working ever since then,” said Harkins.

The system has been working since it was replaced in the fall.

An ADT spokesperson released the following statement:

“This was totally an isolated and very rare occurrence caused by a third party installer which handles a very small percentage of our customers. The issue has been addressed and won’t happen again. I assume the affected customer is happy with the $600 credit and we are ready to move on. It’s up to you and your producers if you think there is a story here. If you do move forward, I do agree that the angle is reminding all alarm customers, not just ADT, that they only way to verify you are connected is test the system.”

Harkins says he does not want the credit but rather a refund for the months the system was not connected. He says he was never informed about the monthly testing until after the issues occurred

“It’s just a real unsafe feeling thinking you’re monitored and you can go away on vacation or even go to sleep for the night and your not. So what are we paying for?” said Harkins.

ADT says systmes can get disconnected during construction, cable changes or power outages. It encourages customers to test their systems once a month.

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