HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A Joint Stipulations of Fact in Lieu of Trial has been filed in the case against Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas Judge Thomas Placey. Legal experts say the filing indicates both sides agree on the facts of the case and there is no need for a trial.

In June of last year, the Judicial Conduct Board filed a complaint against Judge Placey, accusing him of angry outbursts in the courtroom and violating the state’s Code of Judicial Conduct.

In a response to the complaint, Judge Placey admitted to the charges against him saying his outbursts may be linked to concussions he suffered playing college football.

Although Placey admits to the facts of the case, he is not agreeing that he’s guilty of misconduct. That will be decided by the Pa. Court of Judicial Discipline.

In the next step in the case, both sides can file briefs arguing whether there was misconduct or not. All 8 judges on the Court of Judicial Discipline will look at the briefs and evidence and issue an opinion.

If the Court of Judicial Discipline finds there was misconduct, Placey could face several sanctions, including being barred from serving as a judge in the future, fines, loss of pension, and censure.

Placey could also be removed from the bench, but he decided not to run again and his term is over the end of this year.

Current Magisterial District Judge Kathy Silcox and Cumberland County First Assistant District Attorney Michelle Sibert are running for the open seat. Cumberland County voters will
pick their candidate on May 18.