LOWER PAXTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — A Dauphin County couple says their mail carrier stopped a potential scam by alerting them to a change in their mail service.

“Thank goodness our mail carrier was on top of this,” Sandra Zarker said. She and her husband Ken live in Lower Paxton Township. She says it all started when their mail carrier asked if Ken was moving. “He said no, I’m not moving. And he said someone put a forwarding request in to have our mail forwarded to a post office box in New York.”

The forwarding request was only for Ken’s mail. He got online and canceled the address change request immediately. “The following Monday, when we got our mail we had credit cards in our mail so this person apparently had applied for credit and I guess when it went through they went in and changed the address hoping that the mail would go to them and they would have credit cards to use,” Sandra said.

The scammer tried again. “About two weeks later it happened again and he went back in and canceled it again so we are hoping this is the end of it. I just thought people should know that this is going on, I had never heard of it,” Sandra said.

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The Zarkers alerted police and the postal service so this can be investigated. The USPS says it has protocols in place to notify a sender when an address change has been made but there is nothing right now to stop someone from making an address change online. So you have to stay vigilant.