Steelton woman struggled to have her power restored after finding electrical issue


“I’ve been in the dark since Sunday,” said Regina Mason, of Steelton. 

Mason is relying on candles and a flashlight to get around her home. PPL shut off her power because of an electrical issue. 

“So, I went to do the little switch, and when I did the switch those lights started like going down dim and you could just tell something was going to catch on fire,” said Mason. 

After noticing issues with her lights, Mason called the Steelton Fire Department. The chief examined the breaker box connected to the meter, and the department then called PPL to cut the power. 

“This is where it was getting ready to start the fire, the black stuff,” said Mason. 

Even though PPL took the meter, it says the homeowner is responsible for fixing the problem because the electrical issue is located outside of the meter. 

“The meter base, the metal that the meter is actually attached too, is the customer’s responsibility, so if there is a problem there, you’ll need to call an electrician to fix it,” said Jess Baker, a PPL spokesperson. 

Mason did get her power back after five days. 

Two years ago, PPL replaced all meters in the central Pennsylvania area. 

PPL says both homeowners and renters should call them if there is ever an issue with their electricity. 

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