Volunteers in Newberry Township doing their best to combat ‘dump road’


NEWBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — It’s known as dump road. “Piles and piles of trash and over the years it just builds up,” Volunteer Rebecca Love said.

It’s actually Still House Road in Newberry Township, York County and some have been using it as their garbage dump. Unfortunately, lots of communities have roads like this.

Neighbors were tired of looking at the trash piling up. “A lot of people walk this road and its just really disheartening,” Love said. “I got sick of it and I was like we should do something about this.”

They made calls, talked to the township, police, and then they called the abc27 investigators. But when I talked to them, they had already figured out it was a State Road and they had a plan in motion working with PennDOT.

“I signed us up,” Love said. “Pa. has an adopt-a-highway program, it’s part of the Keep Pa. Beautiful campaign,” PennDOT Spokesperson Fritzi Schreffler said. You have probably seen similar signs along the road. “They can adopt a two-mile section of a roadway, or they can adopt an interchange,” Schreffler said. “PennDOT will provide any group with the vests, the trash bags, and the gloves to go out. We make sure that everything is disposed of properly.”

More than 8,000 miles have been adopted statewide with the help of more than 3,600 volunteers. “It has been a great program,” Schreffler said. Back on Still House Road they are hard at work.

“We found trash, bottles, cans, diapers, sofas, chairs, bed mattresses, TVs, and just a whole bunch of wood and stuff from contractors,” Love said.

It was a long day but they got honks of appreciation for their efforts. After hours of work, things were looking better. “We have about four piles of 20-30 feet of trash,” Love said.

Weeks later we went back and the road looked much better. “We will have two cleanups per year for two years through adopt-a-highway and hopefully we can renew the adopt-a-highway program,” Love said.

With the urging of residents the township also put up new signs, a warning to those who try to come back. “Even if just one person gets caught hopefully that will deter other people because this is a shame, this is not what nature should look like,” Love said.

I spoke with Newberry Township Police. The department said its doing its best to find violators and prosecute them by either catching them in the act or tracing the trash back to those who dump it.

To be a part of PennDOT’s adopt-a-highway program it must be a state road.

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