PALMYRA, Pa. (WHTM) — It is not the outcome he was hoping for. Roger Lentz is stuck with solar panel brackets on his roof and now he has to pay to get them removed, partly because he would not sign a settlement and release agreement with Trinity Solar.

“They didn’t want me to tell anyone what was in that agreement. They said that they did absolutely nothing wrong and they said in essence I had changed my mind. If they didn’t do anything wrong why would they put those conditions on an agreement to fix what they did?” said Lentz.

In June 2019, Lentz signed a contract with Sunova and Trinity Solar to have a solar installation done on his home on North Railroad street in Palmyra. Lentz says the company didn’t follow its own blueprints when it installed the brackets for the solar panels on his roof.

Lentz says when he questioned the installers they left and never came back. He tried for months to get answers from Trinity Solar. Lentz says when they finally responded the company agreed to remove the equipment and brackets from his roof but only if he would sign a settlement and release agreement which claimed he decided not to to move forward with the contract and he must agree not to say anything negative to the public about Trinity Solar.

Lentz did not sign the agreement and filed a civil suit asking for $2,700 to have an independent contractor remove the brackets and restore his roof. His case was heard by Pennsylvania Magisterial District Court Judge Carl Garver.

“The arguments went on for an hour and a half. At one point the judge expressed some frustration using the words ‘this is a mess’ and ‘this contract is confusing’,” Lentz said.

His son, Jarrod Lentz, was also in the courtroom.

“No one was able to clarify this contract. The judge applied logic to the only thing that was really concrete which was the financial stuff, the value of the work versus the value of the lawsuit which canceled each other out and that was the decision. I think the judge did what he could do,” said Jarrod Lentz.

Lentz will get to keep the equipment, which includes the solar panel brackets on his roof and the inverter that was placed on the side of his home. He must pay to get the brackets removed and his roof restored but he is free to share his story.

“The one mistake that I made was I did not check reviews. If I had, I never would have gotten involved with this company at all. I am going to move forward but I am going to be very cautious in the future,” Lentz said.

Trinity Solar did not respond to a request for a comment.