ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The murder trial of Carl Lybrand Jr. began Monday at the Adams County Courthouse. Lybrand is charged with homicide and aggravated assault in the death of Fred Ramos.

Ramos was found dead in his car at O’Malley Lumber Yard near Gardners in May 2016. Five years later, Lybrand was charged with his murder. Police say a lack of cooperation from witnesses and forensic evidence delayed the investigation.

Ramos and Lybrand worked at O’Malley Lumber Yard and police say both men were dating the same woman. In opening statements at Lybrand’s trial, prosecutors said Lybrand hit Ramos in the head with a 2×4 when he showed up at the lumber yard to pick up the woman they were both dating. The prosecution said Lybrand previously threatened Ramos on several occasions and physically assaulted him.

Lybrand’s attorney says her client admits to punching Ramos in the head but says he did not kill him. The defense attorney told the jury when Lybrand walked up to the car, Ramos was reaching for something, which Lybrand believed to be a gun, so he punched him. The defense claims surveillance video of Ramos and medical expert testimony will show Ramos was already showing signs of illness before he got to the lumber yard and that he died from an aneurysm.

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Lybrand plans to take the stand in his own defense.