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Sexual Assault: A discussion on Kavanaugh, Cosby and the Catholic church

"He said, she said" and now everyone in the country, it seems, is saying something about sexual assault.

Join ABC27 investigators Kendra Nichols, Logan Wilson, and Dennis Owens as they have an in-depth discussion about allegations against the Catholic church and Brett Kavanaugh and the conviction of comedian Bill Cosby.

The team is joined by Kristen Houser of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.

Why is it important to abuse survivors that the state Senate pass a bill to let the abused sue their abusers even if their statute of limitations has expired?

Is it fair that a judge with an exemplary professional record has to defend allegations from his high school and undergraduate years?

Why did Bill Cosby, accused of drugging and assaulting dozens of women, only get a three-year prison sentence?

Are there any adult women in America who haven't had to deal with an aggressive male - or worse - in their lifetime?

Who is most likely to abuse, your priest, a Hollywood star, or a family member?

They are difficult questions. There are difficult answers. Join us for On Deadline.

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