Pa. Acting Secretary of Health: CDC under-reporting second COVID vaccine doses in Pa.


(WHTM) — Are a large number of Pennsylvanians not getting their second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine?

Pennsylvania’s Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam addressed recent reports that one million Pennsylvanians have been no shows for their second shot.

“What we believe is that million was actually calculated using CDC data and we know there are more second doses that have been administered for folks than the CDC data is currently reporting. What we are continuously doing is refreshing that data on our part to make sure that when the CDC allows us the opportunity to truly update what is being displayed on their website they’ll be a more a truer reflection of more folks getting second doses so that million number will shrink,” Beam said.

The abc27 Investigators asked what the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s current data shows when it comes to the number of people who have not received a second shot and are also outside of the normal three to four-week window between doses.

“Our data is still currently being refined. We want to make sure that we have accurate data before we quantify that difference between first and second dose,” Beam said. “We have offered the opportunity to actually put that data file up. At this point, I think the CDC is progressing through with states on a more slow pace and so we have not had the opportunity for Pennsylvania data to be updated yet.

The abc27 Investigators asked what data would be provided to the CDC.

“We’ve been working to clean the data. I want to make sure that it’s clear this is a continuous process. We are continuing to refine this data to make sure that when we get the opportunity to work with the CDC to upload it that we are ready to do so,” Beam said.

Beam said the Pa. Department of Health is relying on providers to reach out to those who still need a second dose. The Pa. Department of Health does keep track of who is vaccinated and could step in to help if needed.

“We have exhausted all efforts to get folks that second dose, so if that becomes a project that we think is worthwhile in undertaking to make sure folks get that second dose I think we would be able to do that,” Beam said.

Beam said it is never too late to get the second dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

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