Palmyra, Pa. (WHTM)- There are several solar panel brackets on the roof of Roger Lentz’s Home in Palmyra, but no solar panels.

“It is just not right,” said Lentz.

In June 2019, Lentz signed a lease agreement with Sunova and Trinity Solar to have a solar installation done on his home on North Railroad Street. Lentz says he was told he could save 30% on his electric bill.

“They do an analysis of your house and they tell you where the highest production side of your house is. They only approved my south roof,” said Lentz.

Lentz says workers with Trinity Solar showed up at his home in November of last year and they put an inverter on the side of his house and started installing the brackets for the solar panels on his roof.

“I hear them going onto my west roof, which is in front of the house. I come out and I say to the foreman ‘why are you moving on to the front of my house?’, he said I was told to move three of your panels from the south roof to the west roof and I said, ‘but your company only approved the south roof. They said the west roof didn’t produce enough. Why would you move three panels from the approved roof to the unapproved roof?’. He kind of stopped, pulled out his phone started to make a call and I went back into the house. I came back out 10 minutes later and they were packing up,” said Lentz.

Lentz showed the abc27 Investigators the blueprints he says the workers were using that day. The blueprint shows solar panels were to be installed on either side of a window dormer on Lentz’s south roof. The workers installed brackets on both sides of the window dormer and above the dormer.

Lentz says these blueprints show workers did not install solar brackets properly.

“That day the installers were not even following their own blue prints,” said Lentz.

Lentz says after the workers left that day they never came back and he tried for months to get answers from Trinity Solar. He says when he finally received a response Trinity Solar agreed to remove the equipment and brackets but only if he signed a Settlement and Release Agreement.

“It says I questioned the size of the system and decided not to move forward. That is not true. I questioned why they were moving panels from the production side to the non-production side which would have been a downgrade and a breach of the contract. I must also agree not to inform anyone of the contents of the lease agreement and I must agree not to say anything negative to the public about Trinity Solar. I am not going to sign a bunch of untrue statements,” said Lentz.

Lentz did not sign the agreement and contacted the abc27 Investigators. abc27 called Trinty Solar and sent several emails to see if the issue could be resolved. Trinity Solar did not respond.

“This project was small and I think they are just hoping I would disappear. I just want {Trinty Soalr} to come and take their equipment and fix my house. Leave it the way you found it. That is all I want,” said Lentz.

Lentz has filed a civil suit against Trinity Solar. The court hearing is December 9. He is asking for a judgement of about $3,000 so he can hire an independent contractor to restore his roof.