The Department of Agriculture this week inspected food stands at the Pennsylvania Farm Show and all were in compliance, but inspectors did find violations elsewhere.

A complaint was filed for Arby’s #7805 on Dodson Court in Harrisburg. Food inspectors found the restaurant to be out of compliance with two violations. The inspector found a large rock at the rear door that employees were using to prop open the door, which may have allowed rodents in, and the walls and roof of the restaurant do not protect from the entry of rodents, according to the report.

Olde Hickory Grill on Olde Hickory Road in Lancaster was found with eight violations. The report states pink and black residue was found inside the ice maker, and green and white mold was found on the underside of the shelves in the walk-in cooler. The inspector also said foods were not being kept cold enough and raw scallops were stored above cooked meatballs in the walk-in cooler.

Family Dollar #4041 on Cumberland Street in Lebanon was still out of compliance with six violations after a follow-up inspection. The inspector reported finding rodent droppings on several shelves with human food and pet food. Inspectors say there was also rodent droppings on the shelves throughout the store, flour was stored directly on the floor, and the store was dirty.

The Department of Agriculture has a searchable database of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website. If you come across a dirty restaurant, you can file a complaint on the department’s website.