CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — This week in the Midstate, we had six different establishments and eateries get cited with a combined 50 inspection violations, according to the Department of Agriculture.

Dauphin County:

Loyal Order of Moose, Middletown Lodge #410 (100 Mill Street)

  • This establishment was found to have 15 violations during the recent inspection. The inspector noted a significant presence of rodent droppings, specifically near the stove in the kitchen and under shelving in the stock/freezer area. The inspector also saw an accumulation of sticky dust on the fan located in the walk-in cooler and a substance resembling black mold on the ceiling. Additionally, the inspector observed two gallons of expired milk in the walk-in cooler – one of them was partially emptied.

*It is important to note that this establishment corrected one of these violations, according to the inspector’s report.

Hot Shots Cafe (550 Hershey Park Drive)

  • This cafe was found to be out of compliance with two inspection violations. The inspector says they observed a mold-like substance on a food contact surface and the ice machine. The inspector also saw mops not being hung up to air dry.

Lancaster County:

Stover’s News (24 North 3rd Street)

  • This convenience store was found to be out of compliance with 15 different violations. The inspector saw out-of-date Bologna, Muenster cheese, and Colby cheese being stored in the kitchen refrigerator. Additionally, the inspector saw pre-packaged foods not being properly labeled for any of the “big 9” allergen ingredients. The inspector also found bags of bread being stored directly on the floor and a slimy black residue inside the ice maker.

Kachin Sushi Bar (1 Alpha Drive)

  • This sushi bar was found to be out of compliance with 5 violations. According to the inspector, the person in charge was unable to provide records showing that the raw or partially cooked ready-to-eat fish was frozen by the facility or an approved supplier. The inspector also saw sushi plates not being labeled with any “big 9” allergen ingredients.

Turkey Hill Minit Markets (600 North Oak Street)

  • During the recent inspection, it was discovered that this particular market did not meet compliance standards, with a total of seven violations reported. Specifically, the inspector observed instances where expired milk, both in three-gallon and five-half-gallon quantities, were being sold to consumers. The commercially processed eggs, instead of being kept frozen as instructed by the manufacturer, were found to be held at a temperature of 42 degrees. Moreover, the inspector noted the presence of pink slime on both a food contact surface and the ice chute.

York County:

Dragon Mart (4346 George Street EXT.)

  • This facility was found to be non-compliant with 6 inspection violations. As stated by the inspector, the individual responsible for the establishment was unable to provide proper documentation regarding the approved source of the raw frozen chicken, rooster, and beef. Furthermore, it was observed that unwrapped, raw frozen food was being stored in a chest freezer, potentially leading to contamination. Moreover, bags of rice and cases of raw vegetables were noticed to be placed directly on the floor, instead of being elevated at a required distance of 6 inches above the floor.

The Department of Agriculture has a searchable database of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website. If you come across a dirty restaurant, you can file a complaint on the department’s website.