CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — This week in the Midstate, we had three restaurants from three different counties with over a dozen combined inspection violations, according to the Department of Agriculture.

Cumberland County:

Sunoco (350 South Tenth Street)

  • On Wednesday, October 11, the Department of Agriculture found this gas station convince store to be out of compliance with 10 inspection violations. The inspector noted that they observed a bag of hot dog buns sitting on top of the hot dog roller, and then witnessed a customer reaching into the bag and touching numerous buns before choosing one – the hot dog buns are supposed to be individually wrapped. Additionally, the inspector found an open bag of hot dogs and numerous sandwich items in the walk-in cooler that were not marked with the dates that they were opened. The inspector also observed an accumulation of food debris on the inside of a self-service RCA microwave, which has the possibility to spread contamination.

Dauphin County:

Papa Joe’s Pizza & Subs (3950 Tecport Drive)

  • On Tuesday, October 11, this eatery was found by the Department of Agriculture to be out of compliance with 8 inspection violations. Vacuum-packed salmon filets were seen thawing in the walk-in fridge and on the back prep table at room temperature, which is against the manufacturer’s directions. The inspector also observed food employees not wearing the proper hair restraints such as hair nets, hats, or beard covers. Additionally, an insect fly trap in the back prep area was seen hanging, which has the possibility to contaminate the food, equipment, or utensils.

It should be noted that six of these eight violations were repeat violations, following a September 25 inspection of Papa Joe’s Pizza & Subs.

Lancaster County:

Picasso Pizza (1704 New Holland Pike)

  • On Tuesday, October 10, an inspector with the Department of Agriculture cited this establishment with 9 violations. Specifically, the inspector says they witnessed a can of Tire Lube being stored on a shelf right next to food items, as well as a dirty rag, cup, and fruit being stored on the handwash sink in the back. In addition, out-of-date pasta was seen sitting in the sandwich cooler even though it was “well beyond the 7-day use or sell-by date.” The inspector also saw raw egg shells being stored above mushrooms and celery in the walk-in cooler.

It should be noted that five of these nine violations were repeat violations from a previous inspection back on April 7, 2023.

The Department of Agriculture has a searchable database of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website. If you come across a dirty restaurant, you can file a complaint on the department’s website.