This week many restaurants are shut down due to the coronavirus but inspectors were still doing their jobs and have filed their reports

Inspectors found the Sunoco at 1000 Columbia Avenue in Lancaster out of compliance with 15 violations. They said rodent bait was being placed on shelves and not in tamper-resistant bait stations. Employees preparing food were not wearing hair restraints, expired milk was being offered for sale, and gummy worms manufactured in another state were being packaged with CBD oil and sold.

Chen’s House on Cumberland Street in Lebanon also has 15 violations. The inspector found rodent droppings on the lower level of a prep table and behind equipment. Also reported a dirty, cracked, wooden 2×4 is reportedly being used for knife sharpening, the drain at the handwashing sink is broken and leaking on the floor and the handles of the sink were covered in dirt and mold.

A complaint was filed and the inspector found one violation at Root on West Walnut Street in Lancaster. They say employees were not wearing gloves when handling ready to eat food.

Places with no violations include, Grand Illusion Hard Cider in Carlisle, Sandwich in Camp Hill, Stonewall Inn in Delta, Burnt Timbers Winery in Granville, Mifflin County.

The Department of Agriculture has a searchable database of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website. If you come across a dirty restaurant, you can file a complaint on the department’s website.