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Restaurant Report: Employees without hairnets, live animal in the kitchen

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - The Department of Agriculture found restaurants with violations in Lancaster and Cumberland counties during inspections this week.

Creekside Cafe on Habecker Road in Columbia was out of compliance with 18 violations. The inspector found motor oil on the food preparation table in the kitchen and a pink residue on the deflector of the ice maker. Employees preparing food were not wearing hair nets, chicken was stored directly on the floor, rather than six inches off of the floor as required, and it appears an animal was living at the restaurant. The inspector found a bowl filled with food on the kitchen floor and also noticed a large bone, and a tennis ball, and a bag of dog bones. The inspector noted this was a repeat violation.

China One in the Keystone Arms Center on Harrisburg Pike in Carlisle was out of compliance with seven violations. A half-smoked cigarette was found on a prep table in the kitchen area, raw chicken was stored above ready to eat foods in the walk-in cooler, and food employees in the kitchen area were not wearing proper hair nets.

Cedar Cliff Pizza on Carlisle Road in Camp Hill was out of compliance with five violations. Pink mold-like residue was found on the deflector plate of the ice machine, old food debris and grease were on several pieces of equipment, and old food, dirt, and trash debris was found under all equipment throughout the food facility.

Places with no violations include Tubby Tommy's in York, United Family Restaurant in Lebanon, Adams County Winery in Orrtanna, and Joe's Original Pizza in Enola.

The Department of Agriculture has a searchable database of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website. 

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