Restaurant Report: Exposed wiring, mold, rodent activity

Restaurant Report

Department of Agriculture inspectors found rodent activity, black mold, and problems with food handling and storage during food safety inspections this week.

Water Street Rescue Mission on South Prince Street in Lancaster was out of compliance with two violations. The report says an inspector found evidence of rodent and insect activity, and the loading dock door has a gap and does not protect against insects, rodents, and other animals.

Helen’s Family Restaurant on North State Street in Ephrata was out of compliance with 12 violations. Dish detergent was stored with food, a bottle of Pepto Bismol also stored with food, a food preparer was handling toast with bare hands, and the inside of the microwave had food debris and splatter, according to the report. The toast was thrown out.

Sidney on East King Street in East Berlin was out of compliance with 11 violations. The report says dirty cutting boards were being used as shelving, black mold was found on the inside of soda gun nozzle, plates stored as clean still had food residue, and food employees were changing tasks without washing hands.

Little Caesars on Quentin Road in Lebanon was out of compliance with 13 violations. Exposed wiring was found in the dough mixing area, employees were not wearing beard covers, food containers stored as clean had food residue, and the inspector noted construction materials such as drywall and tile adhesive were stored next to the dough mixer, according to the report.

Places with no violations include Middlesex Elementary School, Grand Illusion Hard Cider in Carlisle, Ursa Lunar hookah lounge in Lancaster, and Friendship Elementary School.

The Department of Agriculture has a searchable database of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website. 

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