The Department of Agriculture found a restaurant with more than 30 violations during this week’s food safety inspections.

Blue Pacific Sushi and Grill on Oregon Pike in Lancaster was out of compliance with 31 violations. The inspector found small, brown, insects in flour stored in the basement and insect webbing inside the tempura, also stored in the basement.

The lid of the ice maker was broken and rusty water was dripping into the customer ice. Black and tan slimy residue was found inside the ice maker, the report states.

Employees’ personal items, Fixodent and pills were found in the food preparation area next to food, peeling paint and wallpaper was found above the food prep area, and to-go boxes and cups were stored directly on the floor.

One of the screws of the grease trap was missing and the inspector noted a putrid odor in the basement. The facility was falsifying records by writing in times for rice four days prior, according to the report.

Excessive amounts of grease and food debris were under equipment in the kitchen, two paint cans were being used to hold up a food prep table, and there were no sanitizer buckets set up to clean food contact surfaces.

Places with no violations include Spring Grove Middle School, Market House Meats in Dover, Ickesburg Beer Distributor, Gray’s Apple Ridge Orchard in Jonestown, Hamilton Elementary School in Lancaster, New Cumberland Middle School, Arendtsville Elementary School, and Gettysburg Baking Company in Biglerville.

The Department of Agriculture has a searchable database of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website.