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Restaurant Report: Mice infestation, flying insects

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - The Department of Agriculture found evidence of mice at an elementary school and a restaurant being used as living quarters during food safety inspections this week.

Melrose School on Berryhill Street in Harrisburg was out of compliance with seven violations. The inspector found evidence of a mice infestation, food was stored open with no covering, and soap was not available at the handwash sink.

Sweet House on Greensprings Drive in East York was out of compliance with 25 violations. The inspector found employees eating in the kitchen area, partially consumed food in a rice warmer with rice intended for consumers, and bedding and clothing materials that indicating the facility was used as a living or sleeping quarters. Partially eaten food and leftovers were in the refrigerator, and a dozen small, flying insects were found crawling inside containers of rice and buckets of soy sauce. A food processor cutting blade had old food residue, and small flying insects were crawling on and through blade holes. Aprons in the kitchen were covered in excessive filth and food residue, raw chicken was stored above/beside ready to eat foods, and all cooking equipment was encrusted with old food and grease, according to the report.

Facilities with no violations included Big Dippers Ice Cream in Hanover, Buffalo Brew in Newport, Road Hawg in Duncannon, A&M Pizza in Lebanon, Zoetropolis in Lancaster, Two Cousins Pizza in Camp Hill, Pioneer Truck Stop in Carlisle, and Freedom Valley Café in Gettysburg.

The Department of Agriculture has a searchable database of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website. 

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