STEELTON, Pa. (WHTM) — A Steelton family needs a new home for Christmas. That’s after an accident forced them out of their rental property.

“We don’t have a home and my son doesn’t have a Christmas,” Jhamesha Brown said.

On Tuesday, a tow truck parked on Ridge Street in Steelton rolled down a hill and hit a parked car which then smashed into the rental house Brown was staying in on North 2nd Street.

“The car hit the gas pipe right there and hit a water pipe causing an immediate evacuation,” Brown said. “They deemed my house unsafe and condemned, leaving us with no place to go.”

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Brown was living in the home with her eight-year-old son Raheem and her sister. Brown was home when the accident happened, luckily, she was on the second floor and wasn’t hurt. As for the damage to their belongings, “We didn’t have renter’s insurance,” Brown said.

They may not be able to get most of their items out. “It can collapse at any given moment. It’s not safe to even be in there,” Brown said. As for the tow truck driver, “The tow truck driver gave expired insurance information.”

For now, the family is staying in a hotel. I reached out to the towing company involved and haven’t heard back. Steelton Police told us the accident is still under investigation. If the tow truck driver’s insurance was expired, he could face charges. As for renter’s insurance, it could have helped in this incident. The average renter’s insurance policy costs about $125 to $175 a year.