YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — At a press conference on Friday, the York City Police Commissioner announced the city will have a Gun Squad which will target people who illegally buy and carry firearms.

“We are coming to take these streets back,” said Michael Muldrow, York City Police Commissioner.

On display at the press conference were several illegal weapons recently confiscated during Operation Scarecrow, a joint investigation between city, county and federal agencies.

Commissioner Muldrow said in just a few months the Operation Scarecrow team removed 53 illegal weapons from the streets and charged 18 people. The Gun Squad will now continue those efforts permanently.

“The city of York is ground zero for violent crime in the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Fighting illegal firearms, taking them off the streets, this is a high priority for the Department of Justice and we pledge our support,” said Bruce Brandler, Acting U.S. Attorney Middle District Pennsylvania.

Straw Purchases will be one of the focuses. A straw purchase is when one person buys a gun for someone who’s not allowed to own one. It is a way for felons, gang members and criminals to get weapons.

“To the mothers who have already suffered loss, we are sorry. To the people in the neighborhoods who will be saved from this good work and this effort, you are welcome. To the ones out there who thought supplying guns was a good business idea somebody is watching you now and the well has run dry,” Commissioner Muldrow said.