TOKYO (WHTM) — Carlisle’s Jacob Schrom finished sixth in men’s 107kg powerlifting event on Monday at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. This was his first appearance in the Paralympic Games.

The 2011 Penn State graduate posted his best lift at 218 kg on his second attempt. He successfully lifted 215kg on his first attempt, but failed to clear 221kg on his third attempt.

“I would say that everyone, despite their disability, is an elite athlete with same goals as able-bodied people and athletes that everyone’s got a goal, they strive for that, we’re not different in regard to that,” Schrom said. “Hopefully, a lot of people can relate to the same desire to strive to win. We just do it with some disabilities. It’s awesome.”

Despite finishing off the medal stand, Schrom achieved the goal he set up before leaving for Tokyo: a top-six finish.

“It feels great for my first Paralympics,” Schrom said. “To be a Paralympian is awesome, to be Top-6 was my goal. There are a lot of big dogs in my weight class, so to meet my goal there I feel really good. Great venue, great competition, lots of nerves but a really awesome experience.”

“People bomb a lot in our sport because the judging is strict. Just to get in the game, you give yourself a chance,” he added.

Although it was his first Paralympic Games, this was not Schrom’s first time competing in Tokyo. The Carlisle-native competed inside the Tokyo International Forum in 2019 for a test event.

“It was really good to be familiar with the layout of things so I could use all of that in my mental practice. Just to be familiar with it at times,” Schrom said.

He plans to take some time off to rest and relax upon returning to his home in Carlisle.